Chapter 3

Joe’s life journey is a remarkable one: from being a former carpet cleaner struggling with addictions and living in poverty, he defied the odds to become a millionaire before the age of 30. As the visionary Founder of Genius Network®, he has created one of the most exclusive groups for entrepreneurs worldwide.

00:00 Intro
03:15 Welcoming Joe Polish
03:40 Childhood
10:12 Drug addiction in teenage
13:09 Pivotal moment
16:24 Now looking back to that addiction
21:00 What do you think how would you have helped Amy Winehouse?
27:33 Almost all addictions involve binging and purging
31:57 Recovery doesn’t make life immediately better
34:55 Advice for your younger-self
42:25 Challenge for young people | Internet Influencer World
43:56 Atmospheric Conditions
46:12 Ken Richardson – Co-Dependents Anonymous
50:09 Compassion Fatigue
52:49 Addiction is Appetite for Destruction
55:49 How can we become Conscious Responsible Parents?
01:02:07 Lack of Love & Connection
01:03:38 Why would you call yourself an addict? | 12-Steps Program
01:05:46 If I would have known being successful was this hard, I would have stuck with being a loser
01:08:25 All humans deserve love & appreciation | Andre Norman
01:10:04 Book: What’s In It For Them? | Genius Network
01:11:14 What are the common characteristics and habits of high achievers?
01:20:08 Do you have any checklist? | Domino Exercises
01:24:36 Most People are Takers
01:29:11 Various Degrees to Lying
01:31:29 Best Way to Progress
01:33:55 Addiction is A Gift – Gifts of Recovery
01:36:22 We are the most important asset in our own lives
01:39:35 Significant Mentors
01:42:19 Three Ways to Learn Something
01:44:49 All your past is just the R&D Experiment that life served you
01:46:21 Favorite Books
01:48:00 Dopamine Nation, Book by Anna Lembke
01:51:58 Is it your personal choice not to have children?
01:56:13 Takeaway Point
01:59:53 Conclusion