Chapter 2

Dr Simone Laubscher, one of the top globally recognized naturopath, nutritionist and a longevity practitioner. She is a leading expert in restoring internal imbalances with an impressive 25 year career treating thousands of individuals, some of which include royal families, celebrities which include the kardashians, Elle McPherson, Lewis Hamilton and Rihanna.

00:00 Intro
01:32 Dr. Simone Laubscher
02:17 Childhood
05:14 How has the trauma impacted your life?
07:37 What was the tipping point in your adult life?
10:35 Trauma and its impact on your physical health
16:20 Recovering from Breast Cancer
21:03 Talk about the day you discovered Breast Cancer
22:50 Self-healing Breast Cancer
24:40 What were the protocols that helped you heal?
27:48 Biofeedback System – Voice Mapping
30:35 Formulating Supplements
31:34 Self-healing
35:02 Our Mess is a Message
37:15 There are ways to heal without the medication
40:56 Take-away tips for people suering from breast cancer
47:00 Importance of gut health
49:34 How do these experiences shape your perspective on life and your passion for helping others?
51:09 Do you think your anger has impacted your relationships and professional life?
54:39 What is the one healing modality you can advise someone going through trauma?
59:10 How did you heal from your past experiences that have helped you become a better parent today?
01:02:23 What would you advise for mothers who want to unpack trauma and break that generational occurs?
01:06:07 Define Longevity – What aspects of human life do you think are most important to extend?
01:10:40 Take-away point
01:15:22 Typical day of Dr. Simone Laubscher