Chapter 1

Season 1 has launched and in this first chapter I sit down with Dr. Ali Al Dameh, a globally recognized surgeon, as we discuss the on-going challenges we face today with cancer and obesity, the things we do wrong, and the steps we need to take to promote human longevity.


00:00 Intro
00:59 Glimpse
02:36 Dr. Ali Al Dameh
03:09 What would you do dierently if you were operating on Steve Jobs with Pancreatic Cancer?
05:07 Have you managed to save other people who have Pancreatic Cancer?
05:41 Survival rate
07:08 Symptoms of Pancreatic Cancer
08:40 Dr. Ali’s Journey
11:26 Harvard University
12:30 Becoming a Surgeon
14:08 How did facing the extreme challenges shape your experience & approach toward how you treat today?
16:46 Inspiring Story
18:16 Does it considered to be Cancer-free after 5 years?
21:05 Role of Nutrition in Cancer and Obesity
22:43 Role of Sugar in Developing Chronic Disease
25:04 How do we cope with not having Sugar?
27:47 Tips and hacks to prevent gut-related cancers | Colon Cancer
29:29 Prevention and Tests
31:41 Stomach Cancer
33:22 What is your perspective on handling the technical aspects of what you do with the emotional side of patient care?
37:29 What are the modalities you do to help you become one of the best in the field?
41:47 Eating Routine
46:02 Sugar Cravings
47:20 Dealing with Tragedy
49:23 How did you feel when you found out your mom passed away?
52:35 Epigenetics
55:11 Rapid Questions
56:56 Typical day of Dr. Ali
01:06:09 Outro